Weekly Roundup | Bitcoin is dead for the 429th time 💎

Sean Andrew Sanders
5 min readSep 21, 2021


Welcome to the weekly roundup, where we update you on everything that’s been going on in the world of crypto, blockchain and fintech. We cover a range of topics — from game-changing to slightly absurd, anything goes!

Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned crypto investor, we’ll ensure there’s always something relevant for wherever you are on your investment journey.

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So, what’s been happening this past week?

Let’s kick off the week with a shoutout to BNB, or Binance Coin, the next single asset we’re adding to Revix. BNB will go live on Thursday evening and we’ll sweeten this week’s buying opportunity (some call it a dip) by making BNB purchases with ZAR or GBP fee-free from the minute BNB is available until next Friday.

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As for the world of crypto, it’s been a rough few days, but it extends way beyond just crypto markets, more that later though.

Ready to jump in? Well then, let’s get to it.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) has seen the smallest pullback of 3.94% and ends the week standing at $43 193.08.
  • Uniswap’s native UNI token has seen a 5.71% decrease and ends the week standing at $21.37.
  • Ethereum’s native Ether (ETH) follows behind closely with a pullback of 6.60% over the past 7 days, ending the week at $3 068.59.
  • Gold prices are down by 1.67% this past week, with PAX Gold trading at $1 769.51.

The market’s performance is mirrored in our Bundles this past week. The Top 10 Bundle is down by 9.80%, the Smart Contract Bundle decreased by 11.10%, while the Payment Bundle is down by 9.18%.

  • Pricing at 11:20 SAST

This week’s top stories

Evergrande: Stocks down as investors weigh China concerns

The recent decline in the crypto market isn’t unique in that global markets are facing a significant pullback in indices and stocks.

Asian stock markets were down on Tuesday amid concerns around Chinese property group Evergrande and the impact on China’s financial system.

Japan’s Nikkei 225 index was more than 2% lower, the Dow Jones index in the US ended Monday 1.8% lower with Germany’s Dax index losing 2.3%, and the Cac 40 in France down 1.7%.

The sell-off was primarily driven by concerns that Evergrande — one of China’s biggest property developers — is struggling to meet interest payments on more than $300bn of debts.

Regulators in China warned it could spark broader risks to the country’s financial system. And investors fear this could hit big banks exposed to Evergrande and companies like it, causing contagion in global markets.

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Traders buy the Bitcoin dip even as Evergrande’s implosion rocks stock markets

The Evergrande fiasco appears to be driving the correction in global stock markets, but data shows this isn’t deterring pro traders from buying the BTC dip.

Despite the price move, the BTC outflow (net withdrawals) from exchanges has continued a multi-month trend. To understand how bullish or bearish professional traders are leaning, you could analyse the futures premium (or basis rate). This indicator measures the difference between longer-term futures contracts and the current spot market levels.

In healthy markets, a 5% to 15% annualised premium is expected, which is a situation known as contango. This price gap is caused by sellers demanding more money to withhold settlement longer.

The current 7% annualised premium is neutral but in line with the previous month’s average. Had pro traders become worried or bearish, this indicator would have flipped below 5%.

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El Salvador acts on Bitcoin price dip and buys 150 BTC

Despite warnings from global agencies regarding its adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), El Salvador’s government continues to seize market opportunities.

As the Bitcoin price fell below $46,000 on Monday morning, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced on Twitter that the country has “bought the dip.” With 150 new coins, the Central American government now holds 700 BTC, worth close to $32 million at the time of writing.

We’d love to know if you bought the dip, so reach out to us on Telegram where we’re building a little community of Revixers to chat about their strategies and share knowledge with each other.

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100 years ago, Henry Ford proposed ‘energy currency’ to replace gold

Bitcoin appears to meet the definition of an energy-backed currency proposed by the famed American inventor during the interbellum period.

In 1921, American industrialist Henry Ford proposed the creation of an “energy currency” that could form the basis of a new monetary system — offering striking similarities to the peer-to-peer electronic cash system outlined in Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 Bitcoin (BTC) white paper.

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“With great ideas come great changes.
Bitcoin is that.”

— Cameron Winklevoss

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