February Bitcoin ‘Upside Only’ Promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. Sign-up with Revix and create a free account using the referral code ‘UPSIDEONLY’.
  2. Deposit between R2,000 and R20,000 in rands or transfer across the equivalent amount in Bitcoin to your Revix account.
  3. Buy Bitcoin using your rands or leave the Bitcoin that you transferred across in your Revix account.
  4. Then, until the 29th of February, your holdings will be fully insured by Revix. This means that is your Bitcoin investment declines in value over the month, Revix will top up your account balance back to your original rand valued deposit amount. If your Bitcoin investment increases in value then you are entitled to keep all the gains.
Enter UPSIDEONLY in the referral code box.



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Sean Andrew Sanders

Sean Andrew Sanders


CEO & Founder of Revix | CFA® | Finance nerd with a passion for fintech, a flair for detail, and a hint of OCD.